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    LA Memoir


    It’s been three weeks that I’ve tried writing this post, and also three weeks since I’ve moved from LA. It’s not because I’m sad, because I’m everything but sad; it’s moreso that I don’t know what to write. I moved. I move all the time, it feels like…and with this time, I know I’ll move back to LA.

    Two months ago, Jo and I were ready to move apartments in LA. We were in Koreatown and had a super cheap deal – and I use the word cheap lightly, because it’s still ridiculous to spend that much money on an apartment (I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it). We were ready for a nicer apartment, or at least one without creatures that come out every time we leave to travel, that being typically three out of the four weeks in a month. I had dealt with mice living in Harlem, and I thought I was pretty tough when it came to living amongst these animals, but that was because one had never run over my foot while I was in the kitchen cooking.

    A rat literally ran scurried over my foot, with its furry little paws. Not even sure if it was the same rat or a different one that Jo had warned me about the day before while she was cooking in the kitchen.

    Mhm, sure Jo. We’ll find a way to get them out.

    I responded, all calmly. But again, this was before the rat jumped on me.



    I have this thing where I’m totally fine with all animals, until they choose to jump on me. The same thing happened with me and squirrels. I loved squirrels. I was a fan of the squirrels – but do not think it is OK to jump on me. And that’s just what one squirrel in Battery Park, New York City did to me. Scurried up my body, and ever since I have a legit dislike for anything that can pounce (cats are included in this).

    We saw two apartments the next day, one that was so expensive for no reason, but that would allow us to sneakily AirBNB it because of the location in a huge apartment complex, and then another one. The dream apartment. It had not only everything I wanted, but also everything I never knew I wanted: a long hallway, wood floors, a wine cabinet, updated appliances, a mail holder, a view of the Hollywood Sign. All the things you’d hear from a modern couple on House Hunters. We put in an application. Continue Reading

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